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    Ilkley Moor Project


    Ilkley Moor Project Empty Ilkley Moor Project

    Post  Guest Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:31 pm

    There's some scam going on by a bunch of bureaucrats about using Ilkley Moor as a test thingy to monitor the effects of 'climate change'.
    Not being a believer myself, I am tempted to think it will be a waste of space,... "we gotta grant so we'll spend it on??? OK! Ilkley moor.!"... sorta thing. They are going to do something in terms of food production, flood defence and 'carbon storage'. Right! Maybe a gasometer or two. Dunno.
    The upside is they may uncover something. The down side is they may stuff something up. Either way worth keeping an eye on. I thought of writing to Brown, with those exact words, but will he listen??? No will he .....
    Anyway! Weather vile this week and I'm trimmed up for the weekend. So here's hoping for some fribblesome clemency from the elements next week.
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