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    THE HADES HILL CAIRN / BARROW near Whitworth


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    THE HADES HILL CAIRN / BARROW near Whitworth Empty THE HADES HILL CAIRN / BARROW near Whitworth

    Post  Sunbright57 Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:46 pm

    Os grid reference SR.909 202. The Hades hill cairn / barrow is located high on the moors some 3 miles north-east of Whitworth and the smaller village of Facit, near Rochdale. Its exact location is close to a footpath halfway between Hades hill and Rough hill, though it is not mentioned on modern OS maps. It is quite difficult to get to so be ready for a long hard walk. Hades is the Greek word for "underworld" where the souls of the dead go to. To the east is Noon Hill, another site of interest.

    This small, low barrow or cairn measures 15 metres north to south, 13 metres east to west and is 0.9 metres high (about 3 feet in height). But not a great deal can be seen today.

    It was excavated in 1898 when a number of artefacts were discovered near the centre of the barrow. The most famous of these ancient artefacts was a Celtic two-tiered urn (of the Pennine type) which had rope inprints and chevrons; inside this urn were the burnt bones of a female, flints, a scraper and a fine pointed borer. Other stuff that came out of the barrow included animal bones, charcoal, flint implements and an arrow head. The urn was placed in the hands of The March Collection at The Rochdale Free Library (now known as Touchstones). A more recent excavation was carried out in 1982 but nothing was recorded at this time.

    References:- Pastscape.
    David Barrowclough Prehistoric Lancashire, oxbow 2008.

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    THE HADES HILL CAIRN / BARROW near Whitworth Empty Re: THE HADES HILL CAIRN / BARROW near Whitworth

    Post  Paulus Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:05 pm

    Keep 'em coming Ray! Cool I've added it here:

    If you have any images of this or other sites, email 'em to me & I'll stick 'em to the profile.

    All the best - Paul

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