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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price


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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  mikki on Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:38 pm

    Hi There - Has anybody else read this book, The Missing Years of Jesus? It was written by a new-age pantomime Druid called Dennis Price. I tried to start a discussion regarding this on the EI, but just got the 'spelling & punctuation brigade'. Am I the only person that thinks the book is rubbish? I am sure that parts of the book, I have read elsewhere.

    Anybody else read it?

    Mikki x

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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Mr Priceless

    Post  PeteG on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:41 pm

    I have been told recently by people I have never met that he believes anyone who writes in to his bloggette mentioning me he bizzarely believes to be me!
    I don't read his stuff anymore and have no intention of ever again.
    As he is so fond of slagging me off I'll let you know about my experiences with him.

    I wasted two years talking to this idiot, something I now regret.
    Mr Priceless was a mere pot washer at Wessex Archaeology when he got fired in 2005,
    although he claims to have been much more.
    I first became aware of him when he posted on TMA that Wessex archaeology were destroying a valuable archive.
    Something which turned out to be untrue.

    He then set up 'A Voice in the Night' a little bloggette where he published libelous material about Wessex archaeology, I tried to convinced him to take it off and do something constructive but it took a legal cease and desist letter from Wessex achaeology's lawyers before he ran scared and took the posts down.
    I had to suffering his whining emails and phone calls complaining about how he is going to bring wessex archaeology to its knee's for firing him for two long years.
    Since then I have talked to people in Wessex and got another view of what happened and it seems they were absolutely right to fire him.
    He upped sticks and rapidly left Wiltshire to hide in Devon before he was prosecuted.
    He won't ever work in professional archaeology again.
    The best he can hope for is to play a bit part as an archaeo in a B movie if someone is conned into giving him a part.

    In 2006 I told him the story about the stone at Berwick Bassett and suddenly he's the Archaeologist (he's not qualified) who discovered the missing alter stone from Stonehenge even though he had never visited the stones until I took him there months after the article was published.
    The Berwick stone has been covered by Rodney Castleton in his Stonehenge book and by Aubrey Burl as well as being written about in WAM. Hardly a Discovery by any means.

    I also told him about Vespasians camp and John Gays cave and he became the Archaeologist who discovered a lost city near Stonehenge.
    For someone who lived in Wiltshire for so long his local knowledge is very limited.

    In December 2006 I invited him to join a team I have been part of for many years to measure the lunar standstill at Stonehenge after hours one evening.
    His lack of understanding of the very basics in archaeoastronomy meant he was just about useless to the team.
    He spent all his time running around the stones asking people to take photos of him.
    He wasn't invited back again in subsequent years and never will be.

    In summer 2007 I got him some voluntery work on the Stonehenge Riverside Project where he dug a couple of 1ft square hole test pits near the cursus one afternoon. He found nothing.
    I introduced him to all the crew including MPP, Josh Pollard, Colin Richards etc.
    The next season he visited the dig once and published a story in the Daily Mail about the discovery of the Stonehenge Hedge pig found in August 2008 when he was asked not to and he used my photos and those of Chris Kerns the discoverer without payment or permission.

    He wasn't invited back to the 2009 dig and didn't dare show his face on site all throughout the dig.
    Interesting to note that the Daily Mail was the paper who broke the confidence of the SRP team and released info early in 2009.
    His bloggette was moments behind in publicising the news of the bluestonehenge find.
    MPP had to send him an offical press release to correct all his mistakes.

    In November 2008 I arranged for him to come with me on my 4th visit inside Silbury hill and suddenly for some bizzare reason he now claims to be the last archaeologist inside Silbury which is far from the truth.
    The Skanska engineering crew and the EH archaeo's working on Silbury know this to be untrue and are not amused by his claims.

    Even while inside Silbury he couldn't stop himself slagging off the archaeo's to the miners.
    He only ever visited Silbury once for an afternoon during the whole of the 18 months of excavations there.
    He never attended any of the Silbury demo's and didn't even bother to sign the save Silbury petition.
    Recently he claims to have discovered a gargoyle inside the hill which just makes him look even sillier, if that is possible.

    In 2009 he published his book about Jesus visiting Britain, a subject which has been covered much better by more qualified authors before.
    The only new thing in the book is the claim that jesus visited stonehenge.
    This book puts him firmly in the lunatic fringe corner.
    None of the academic community has even bothered to review this rubbish.
    When the book has been reviewed any unwelcome comments make him spit bile on his little bloggette.
    When bad archaeology featured his self promoting story he had a fit and often spits venom at the authors in his posts.

    The druids who he is currently sucking up too wouldn't talk to him at all if they could read what he wrote in emails to me about them.
    His favourite expression being "They are a handful of miserable resuscitators of a degenerate dead religion." which he picked up off a BBC webpage from Greece.
    Being eternaly idle and with no one else sending him info he is kissing arse just to get any scrap of Stonehenge info from anyone so as to look as if he is in the know.
    He will drop any contributors as soon as they are no use to him anymore or when they start disagreeing with his weird point of view.
    Something he did often at Wessex which is why he has so few friends there now.
    I wouldn't work or communicate with him ever again.
    His only care is about shamelessly promoting himself in any way possible.
    Some of his ex Wessex archaeo colleagues have told me things about his short time there which I might make public along with his ranting emails one day soon.

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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Re: The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  mikki on Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:37 pm

    Wow! That's interesting Pete. A washer upper..? How can anybody get sacked from washing up? or it he that isn't squeaky clean?

    He has a part in a movie? affraid.....erm, how? he only has a face for radio Evil or Very Mad

    Surely anybody starting new employment have to get references from previous employers. Mind you, ex-employers are not allowed to give bad references anymore.

    How can he claim to be a 'Professional Archaeologist' if he isn't qualified?

    Jesus! I was brought up by a religious fruit-bat & I got excluded from York minster at the tender age of about 10. It was easter and during the service I stuck my hand up in the air(as kids do) to ask a question.

    "Why do you keep telling people Jesus is the son of god & that Mary was a Virgin?"
    "Because her son, Jesus, was the son of God!" came the reply
    "But that is not possible" Came a confused answer from me
    "you can only get pregnant by having sex, so Mary must have been having an affair"
    I said confidentley
    "But he was a miracle" Came the reply
    "How many miracles have there been since then?" I asked

    "Please remove the Child"

    I was only about 10, with a good imagination, but been forced to believe in crap should have it's limits. I got a good hiding for asking legitimate questions.

    As for his missing years - He was grounded after questioning his mothers infidelity! lol!

    Mikki x

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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Re: The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  Guest on Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:46 am

    Books of this nature are acts of historical barbarism and Price's work is nought but apish imitation of others and (as I am apt to say about such works) a rhapsody of rags gathered together from untutored dunghills confusedly tumbled out without art, invention, judgment, wit or learning.

    Strange how the 'herd' seem to love and are prepared to pay good money for such books.

    Yet, it would be nice to make 'Dan Brown' £millions and pay off the creditors

    Good luck Mr Price

    Each Child of Earth, if they are worthy being called such, has to ascend the rough, unaccommodating mountain of their destiny to reach the summit of his or her Golgotha. Many venture only into the foothills then falter, sidetracked by the illusion of life’s vices and failings. Others reach high plateaus only to fall into an abyss of self delusion, or slink away fainthearted. They do not know that the journey is the only path to resurrection. There is no other.

    For sustenance on the journey take only your sight, smell, touch, hearing and intellect.

    Using our senses and intellect and following our intuitions can lead to insights that inspire us to seek out our true human purpose, helping us not only to bridge but to break through the fears that can polarize our lives, helping us to focus on the things that would lead to the betterment of our lives. The commitment and excitement involved in the inspirational process greatly enhances the immune system. Inspiration here is ‘love energy’, being a genetic memory of how to realize our human purpose – to be one with the rhythm/vibration of wholeness/unity.

    'Reach that which you cannot' - Nikos Kazantzakis

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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Re: The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  mikki on Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:34 pm

    Thank you so much (I truly mean it) John for your simple analysis to this. I, even though I know what I mean, I do have a problem expressing miself in written format & people understanding what I mean.

    I see my life (nobody elses) as a tree (and bollocks to any ladders, I am not that eager to climb!). I want to learn from every branch, every bud, every flower, every scent (not advance to the next level by any means or anyhow )unless I have learnt- how to learn, communicate & above all understand,as nature itended. This is not just as I move forwards but also the same in understanding in returning. Learning about myself and the paths I did chose to take & learnt (using my own instinct, some right, some wrong) along the way to hopefully learning & understanding enough to be allowed to get to get the next branch. Although this in itself is not to 'get anywhere in life'it is about learning about myself in life. Using this method (not for any financal gain & just about myself )slow may it be, as I am at times, makes me stop , look, listern, learn & realise exactly what nature/my life is actually about.

    Like you said John 'Each Child of Earth, if they are worthy being called such'.

    Each and every child born into the nature of this world is truly worthy of been as such (their parents are debatable)
    It is surely the religion/believes of other influences that twists their expectations of what life/nature is. It confuses the vunerable/unknown about the aspect of nature & of natures true process.

    There are now in this modern 'money religious' world so many expectations, so many acheivements to be made that children don't have the a childhood any more & no chance of been an individual, let alone been giving the freedom to understand themselves & understand their true natural surroundings.

    Why fear.... fear?. Fear is just an emotion, as are all the others emotions we have. We can control these( if that is the right word).

    Why do people look up to see the sky... when they walk out of their door, it already there?

    Thankyou John


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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Re: The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  mikki on Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:47 pm

    But that is enough from me!

    Right, what happenend to Jesus' missing ears?

    Ooop's .....ears!


    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Re: The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  Guest on Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:42 am

    Very well put.

    Learning is the lifetime accent of the 'mountain' - as you rightly say, look & explore at every branch, leaf, etc of the tree - this is our true worth as 'Children of Earth'

    Ressurection - is being at One with Nature, The Cosmos - a 'space' beyond fear, religious hocus-pocus, political gangsterism, etc

    Kazantzakis, in one one of his better moments of insight, stated that 'mankind is still building God' (meaning still searching, bumbling along & being distracted by religious fools and villans), also stating that 'the face of God is our own' - this latter concept is well explained by the sufi mystic Farid ud-din Attar in his epic poem 'The Conference of the Birds' - the search by 'birds' for the 'king' of the birds, the Simorgh. (Sufism is not Islam - it has its roots in Shamanism)

    Enough, enough - time to clean the house, vac & mop, do some washing ......

    I prefered the actor Dennis Price - great Dracula!

    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Re: The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  Guest on Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:43 pm

    The house is nice and clean.

    The garden is awakening.

    The wind is now in the west.

    Walking time - 'to cross my own threshold' - to learn

    There are no levels, only wandering ...... Johnny Cash & Bono got it right ......

    We are in for a great! year/future

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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Critical

    Post  Littlestone on Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:43 am

    I find it ludicrous that a few pseudo-critics and pseudo-archaeologists have the audacity to ridicule and besmirch the name and work of anyone they personally dislike.
    No wonder you are reduced to spreading nasty rumours amongst your very small group of misfits.
    What have you published?
    What do you offer to the megalithic sites of Britain?
    As a prominent member and organiser of HA I know that I do my part in the exploration and conservation of these sites, can you say the same?


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    The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price Empty Re: The Missing Ears of Jesus - Dennis Price

    Post  PeteG on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:06 pm