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    THE PIKEDLAWE, ALAINSETE SD 844 435 (possible tumulus)


    THE PIKEDLAWE, ALAINSETE SD 844 435 (possible tumulus) Empty THE PIKEDLAWE, ALAINSETE SD 844 435 (possible tumulus)

    Post  Guest on Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:13 pm

    THE PIKEDLAWE, ALAINSETE SD 844 435 (possible tumulus)

    Today I wandered above Admergill to a high point above Middop in Ribblesdale. Given a sunny and ice-clear day I took in Ribblesdale, the Bowland Fells and the peaks of Ingleborough & Pen-y-Ghent in all their glory sat by the cairn on Alainsete.

    ‘By the stream called Blakebroc up the moor to Gailmers and so directly to Ellesagh across Blacko hill to Oxegill and up Oxegill to the Pikedlawe called Alainsete thence to the ancient ditch between Middop and Coverdale.’

    The above perambulation of the lands of Henry de Lacy in 1147 refers to the heights here as ‘Alainsete’, referring to the lands of Alan de Percy reaching their high-point here being part of his Craven Fee held from Henry 1. The summit of Alainsete is marked by a cairn of stones.

    There is much evidence of stone quarrying here, for all the field-walls no doubt, yet I get the feeling that there is more here than meets with the casual eye. It is a natural foci point in the area, and the names and mention in the charter are significant.

    Worth a visit and a ruminate.

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