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    Another Settlement Discovered on Ilkley Moor


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    Another Settlement Discovered on Ilkley Moor

    Post  Paulus on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:31 pm

    I should have put this up last week. We were wandering around my old home of Ilkley Moor, checking out some cup&rings, and as the day neared it close came across quite an extensive series of very old walling, some cairns and a couple more carved stones - none of which are in the record books. Sadly the images of the place aint too good as I took 'em when the daylight was beginning to fade.

    This is one of several cairns within the settlement area.

    And this is one section of ancient walling in the area. There's a lot more to this & we've gotta go back up in the coming weeks to give it more attention. We'll hopefully get some better and clearer photos while we're at it!

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