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    Read Hall, Lancashire (Ribbley Valley)


    Read Hall, Lancashire (Ribbley Valley) Empty Read Hall, Lancashire (Ribbley Valley)

    Post  Guest Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:00 am


    Take a good look at the gate piers at the bottom of the drive (and again the piers opposite when you cross the road) – the designs evoke primitive landscapes not unlike ancient pictographic rock art, the work of Webster of Kendal, 1818-25. The designs here are akin to the Arts and Crafts Movement of 1880 to 1910 of which Webster’s work was a forerunner. Architectural students worldwide visit Read Hall every year just to view these remarkable sculptures.

    George Webster, 1797 – 1864, was the son of mason turned architect Francis Webster of Kendal. In 1818, at the age of 21, George Webster designed his first independent country house, Read Hall in Lancashire.

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