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    Cartwright Hall Archaeology Group Bulletins


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    Cartwright Hall Archaeology Group Bulletins Empty Cartwright Hall Archaeology Group Bulletins

    Post  Paulus Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:29 pm

    In the 1950s, Bradford's Cartwright Hall Museum set up a small group of people into archaeology and local history and started their own little lithoprinted, corner-stapled mag, exploring the history and new finds of Yorkshire and beyond. Most of the material in their mag - which went on for more than a decade - described previously unknown sites, with hand-drawn maps and illustrations of stone circles, cup-and-rings, querns, burials, industrial remains, etc, etc. Getting hold of copies of these mags is bloody difficult. And locating some of the many photos and small reports of the many sites described in the magazine seems very difficult indeed. I recently asked local archaeo, Gavin Edwards, to help out in locating these forgotten images & reports and was looking forward to seeing lots of missing files, but the miserable bastard - in my opinion - was very unhelpful & denied access. However having recently come across extra editions of the Cartwright Hall Archaeology Group Bulletins, I'm selling some of them, from volume 1 upwards. Each edition is stapled, large A4-sized, comprising essays & news of archaeological finds mainly from the West Riding, Yorkshire. Each edition is between 5 and 11 pages in length. Here's a list of the first series, each one is £2.50 + £1 P&P (UK):

    Volume 1, no.1 – July 1954 (A4 sized, 6 pages)
    Foreword – by John W. Taylor
    Lynchets at Thackley
    Aldborough Excursion
    Soldier’s Trench Circle Restoration
    Cottingley Woods Excursion
    Place-Names Origins
    Some Roman Roads of West Yorkshire (part 1) – by F.M. Greaves

    Volume 1, no.2 – 9 September, 1954 (A4 sized, 7 pages) –
    Motor Coach Excursion to Iron Age and Roman Sites
    Visit to Bradley Burial Mound
    Hawkstone and Elm Wood Remains (Esholt & Hawksworth)
    The Origin of Some Place-Names – by Wade Hustwick
    Some Roman Roads of West Yorkshire (part 2) – by F.M. Greaves (Illus.)

    Volume 1, no.3 – 16 October, 1954 (A4 sized, 6 pages) –
    Excavation of Nab Wood Circle, Shipley
    Roman Road at Morton
    Museum Additions
    Soldiers Trench
    Some Roman Roads of West Yorkshire (part 3) – by F.M. Greaves

    Volume 1, no.4 – 25 November, 1954 (A4 sized, 7 pages) –
    Thackley Walls
    Walls at Cottingley
    Bishop Monkton and Ripon Excursion
    Cup-and-Ring Boulder at Dobrudden, Baildon
    Caerleon Roman Site Excavation (Monmouthshire)
    Some Aspects of Danish Prehistory (part 1) – by J. Davies
    Stone Mound at Queensbury, Bradford (Illus.)
    ‘Whuzzing’-Stick Holes – by F.M. Greaves
    Glass ‘Flints’ (Illus.)

    Volume 1, no.5 – 27 January, 1955 (A4 sized, 6 page) –
    Medieval Crafts
    ‘Whuzzing’-Stick Holes
    Roman Coin Finds: Bradford, Leeds & Steeton
    More Querns: Idle, Bradford, Esholt, Otley, Shipley, Rawdon
    Some Aspects of Danish Prehistory (part 2) – by J. Davies

    Volume 1, no.6 – 17 March, 1955 (A4 sized, 5 pages) –
    Some Aspects of Danish Prehistory (part 3) – by J. Davies
    Malham Excavations
    Roman Coin from Barkisland
    Cup-and-Ring Rocks of the Ilkley District – by F.M. Greaves (Illus.)
    Sutton Hoo Ship Burial
    Flint Jigsaws
    Baildon Green Cinerary Urn

    Volume 1, no7. – 27 April, 1955 (A4 sized, 6 pages) –
    Schoolboy’s Flint Find, Eldwick, Bingley
    Wharfe Valley ‘Working Sites’
    Cup-Marked Boulder in Calverley Woods (Illus.)
    Flint Patination (Huddersfield)
    Cup-and-Ring Boulders of Baildon Moor (Illus.)

    Volume 1, no.8 – 9 June, 1955 (A4 sized, 6 pages) –
    St. Ives Ramble (Bingley)
    Kirkstall and Adel Moor Coach Excursion
    Cup-Marked Milestones: Callander and Horsforth
    Flint and Roman Coins Finds at Dewsbury
    Ilkley Millstone Site Excavation (Illus.)
    Cup-and-Ring Boulders of Baildon Moor (Illus.)

    Volume 1, no.9 – 21 July, 1955 (A4 sized, 8 pages) –
    Ancient Wall at Eldwick
    Quern Photographs
    Group’s Visit to Cottingley Woods
    Roman Coins at Keighley Museum
    Cup-and-Ring Boulders (Illus.)
    Ancient Walls at St. Ives
    Hope Hill Pottery, Baildon
    Glovershaw Path Stone Circle, Baildon (Illus.)

    Volume 1, no.10 – 1 September, 1955 (A4 sized, 8 pages) –
    More Querns
    Roman Road on Harden Moor
    Mr Edward Roberts’ Quern Collection (Illus.)
    Another Celtic Wall?
    Roman Coin Hoard at Morton
    Swastika Stone Replicas
    Cup-Boulder at Shipley Old Hall (Illus.)
    Roman Coins in the Craven Museum, Skipton
    Baildon Moor Cup-and-Ring Boulders (Illus.)
    Kex Ghyll Iron Age Village, Blubberhouses – by F.M. Greaves
    Twenty-Four Urns (Witney, Oxfordshire)

    Volume 1, no.11 – 13 October, 1955 (A4 sized, 8 pages) –
    Druids Altar, Bingley
    Flint Finds at Bolton
    Colls Burial Mound Leaflet
    Dog-Tooth Walling: An Economy in Land
    Querns and a Mortar (Illus.)
    Medieval Walls at Denholme Park – by Wade Hustwick (Illus.)
    Cup-Marked Boulder at Faweather, Baildon (Illus.)
    Roman Coins in the Olicana Museum, Ilkley
    Holiday Archaeology
    Flints by the Bucketful, Leeds

    Volume 1, no.12 – 24 November, 1955 (A4 sized, 8 pages) –
    Ancient Crosses
    Hillcourt Boulder (rock art)
    The Knotties Stone cup-and-ring, Otley Chevin (Illus.)
    Querns at Bolton Abbey & Hawksworth (Illus.)
    Stone Crusher Site at Ilkley )Illus.)
    Roman Coins in the Leeds City Museum (part 1)
    A Tour of Ancient Sites in Greece – by Lilian Smith

    Volume 1, no.13 – 22 December, 1955 (A4 sized, 6 pages) –
    Prehistoric Pottery at Keighley
    Roman Coins in the Leeds City Museum (part 2)
    Iron Age Wall at Shipley Glen (Illus.)
    Devil’s Arrows, Boroughbridge (Illus.)
    Another Cup-and-Ring Boulder (Illus.)
    Silsden Bronze Age Axe (Illus.)
    Bradford Grammar School Archaeological Society
    Sandstone Crushers
    Scandalous Digging on Baildon Moor – Sir Mortimer Wheeler

    Volume 1, no.14 – 19 January, 1956 (A4 sized, 6 pages) –
    Burial Mound Excavated on Baildon Moor
    Spindle Whorl found near Otley (Illus.)
    Shale Disc from Baildon Moor (Illus.)
    Cup-Marked Boulder at Morton (Illus.)
    Iron Age Wall Construction
    Prehistoric Hut Circles on Hampsfell, Grange-over-Sands
    The Baildon Barrow and its Environs (part 1) – by F.M. Greaves

    Volume 1, no.15 – 8 March, 1956 (A4 sized, 5 pages) –
    Flint Spearhead, Earby
    Debate on Ancient Monuments
    Ancient Wall near Greenhill Grange, Bingley (Illus.)
    The Baildon Barrow and its Environs (part 2) – by F.M. Greaves

    Volume 1, no.16 – 7 April, 1956 (A4 sized, 5 pages) –
    Calverley Skeleton Mystery
    Celtic Fields at Hawksworth (Illus.)
    Bradford Grammar School Archaeological Society Report
    The Baildon Barrow and its Environs (part 3) – by F.M. Greaves
    ‘Momentary Light on Ancient Relics’: A Lost Baildon Urn

    Volume 1, no.17 – 3 May, 1956 (A4 sized, 5 pages) –
    Baildon Moor Exhibits (Illus.)
    Horsforth Cup-and-Ring Boulder

    Volume 1, no.18 – I June, 1956 (A4 sized, 11 pages) –
    Yeadon Gold Torc
    Baildon Moor Rifle Range
    Ribchester to York Roman Road at Otley (Illus.)
    Ancient Wall near Hollins Hill Farm, Esholt (Illus.)
    Schoolboys Flints and Quern Finds, Baildon (Illus.)
    Harden Stone Circle
    Index (to Volume 1)

    Email me if you want to buy any copies (reduced postage for multiple issues) -

    At some point in the near future we will put all of the Cartwright Hall material on-line and make it all completely free...perhaps giving all the material its own website. It's a bittova huge job though and I could do with a helping hand. If there's anyone out there who'd be into helping out with such a project, please get in touch. Members of Bradford Council or local historians & archaeologists who might wanna help with this should get in touch, so we can enable these magazines for the benefit of students, schools, plus to encourage the interests in the heritage of Bradford, Leeds and outlying towns and villages.

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