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    Megalithic art in the north-west of England


    Megalithic art in the north-west of England Empty Megalithic art in the north-west of England

    Post  Guest Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:34 am

    RE: J L Forde-Johnston, 1957. Megalithic art in the nort-west of Britain: the Calderstones, Liverpool.
    Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 2, 20-39

    Good drawing of the Calderstones Passage Grave, dated 11 October 1825.

    Unfortunately the site was destroyed in the 19th century. Although six stones, which are highly decorated with abstract cup, cup-and-ring, spiral motifs, and rare carvings of unshod feet, were saved by removing them for safe keeping (Liverpool Museum), their archaeological context was lost.

    The Calderstones grave was in the tradition of the Boyne Valley passage graves.

    Illustrations of the rock art on all six monoliths can be seen on page 87, PREHISTORIC LANCASHIRE, David Barrowclough. 2008. / 1825 drawing on page 85.

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