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    THE MURDER STONE near Whaley Bridge, Cheshire.


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    THE MURDER STONE near Whaley Bridge, Cheshire. Empty THE MURDER STONE near Whaley Bridge, Cheshire.

    Post  Sunbright57 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:31 am

    Os grid reference SJ.984811. The murder Stone is a small prehistoric standing stone some 3 miles west of Whaley Bridge, Cheshire. It stands on a hillock some 200-300 yards west of Bailey's farm close by Holme Wood. The Cheshire town of Disley lies 4 miles due north of the stone.

    The heart or diamond-shaped stone is 4 feet high (1.3 metres) and is pointed at the top. It is made of millstone grit and stands on a small hillock among a number of low, rounded prehistoric mounds. The stone is said to date from the Bronze Age, and is now a scheduled grade II listed ancient monument.

    The name murder stone could have something to do with the sharp point at the top of the stone - the poor unfortunate sacrificial victim being forced downwards on the stone, or there could be a more recent legend attached to it. We just do not know.

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