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    Post  lowergate on Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:53 pm

    Follow Sandy Lane down by the side of the church & along Stony Bank Lane to Bateson’s Farm.

    When passing the churchyard notice the old stone well trough fed by a cast iron spout on the opposite side of the road to the rear churchyard gate. This is a once significant spring and may well have been a holy well.

    Bateson’s has a datestone of 1793 with two triangles and an L (Livesey) above. Just before reaching the farm we past the site of the former Sandy Lane wayside stone cross the pedestal of which now sits below the east wall of the parish church. The Brindle area is especially rich in ancient crosses and these are all recorded in: Henry Taylor ‘The Ancient Crosses and Holy Wells of Lancashire’ A Revised Version, Vol. V1 LEYLAND HUNDRED, 2007. North West Catholic History Society. ISBN 0-9541667-7-9.

    Continue on to enter bridle-way on R at motorway bridge & walk on to pass through gate.

    We now follow the line of an old lane that ran between Town House and Marsh Lane called ‘Catherine’s Lane’, now sadly torn up during motorway construction.

    Where is all this consumer traffic going with such unacceptable haste and noise?

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    Out here at the perimeter, there are no stars.

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