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    Northumbria Police have LOST SITE


    Northumbria Police have LOST SITE Empty Northumbria Police have LOST SITE

    Post  Guest on Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:27 pm

    Northumbria Police have lost site of the 6' 3" deep Raoul Moat. This important earthwork was last seen in a Gateshead fish & chip shop buying large quantities of 'Geordie Grub' to sustain its defencies. The moat, it is stated by local historians, has never been breached thoughout the historical period.

    Armed 'Star Wars' type 'poor lease' of at least a foot smaller stature than the moat have been given firearms that would be the envy by British Forces deployed in Islamistan to play with in their tender arms.

    Let us hope that the moat remins intact for future archaeological investgation!

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