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Archaeology, folklore & myth of Britain's pre-christian sites & heritage: stone circles, holy wells, maypoles, tombs, archaic cosmologies and human consciousness. Everyone welcome - even Southerners!

    SALTER SCROSS, FOULRIDGE (original site SD 890 416)


    SALTER SCROSS, FOULRIDGE (original site SD 890 416) Empty SALTER SCROSS, FOULRIDGE (original site SD 890 416)

    Post  Guest Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:23 am

    Originally refered to as THE SALTERS CROSS now stands at the top of Lowther Lane. It was removed from its former site to facilitate house building in the 1920’s, then being sited in what is now the garden of Lakeside House (SD 890 416), its pedestal still lies buried in that spot.

    The head is carved out on both faces, and incised below the head are a pair of pincers. The later not only recalls the Passion of Christ but also the ‘pinch of salt’. Originally the shaft would have been of greater length, but like many others was damaged during the Civil Wars period. Local names for the Salters Cross, Taylor’s Cross & Maiden’s Cross, originate from that time, along with the requisite legends attached to the names.

    The roadway by which the cross formerly stood is an ols saltway, part of a mid-Pennine network of roads that were established in pre-Conquest times reaching their greatest use in the 16th & 17th centuries. The Foulridge Salt Road was part of a route that ran from the salterns at Northwich, via Manchester, Colne & Skipton, to Knaresborough. The hamlet of Salterforth, two miles to the north, recalls this ancient trackway.

    The Salt Roads radiated from Cheshire, and modern investigation has revealed the existence of a mediaeval industry and its extraordinary transport network of tracks, bridges, resting places and selling locations. The Foulridge Cross could have marked one of the latter (a salt-pie).

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    SALTER SCROSS, FOULRIDGE (original site SD 890 416) Empty Salter Cross, Foulridge

    Post  Sunbright57 Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:26 am

    The Salter's Cross, Taller's Cross or Taylor's Cross at Foulridge dates from the 13th century. (Original OS grid reference was SD.890 416, current OS grid reference is SD.890 423). Photo copyright Ray Spencer.
    SALTER SCROSS, FOULRIDGE (original site SD 890 416) P5170210

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