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Archaeology, folklore & myth of Britain's pre-christian sites & heritage: stone circles, holy wells, maypoles, tombs, archaic cosmologies and human consciousness. Everyone welcome - even Southerners!

    More fraud uncovered.


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    More fraud uncovered. Empty More fraud uncovered.

    Post  deadagaindave Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:28 pm
    This programme is available for only 5 more days.
    We see geoglyphs, burial urns and mound structures allegedly dating back to prehistory.
    Of course as a subscriber to the … Edwards Theory Of Permissible Despoilment And Exploitation Of Everything … I have no doubt that all of these Amazonian discoveries, were the work of Victorian Workmen from Ilkley, wandering about there and doing a bit of scouting for Leeds United.
    Furthermore I am willing to stake my reputation as a dismissive know all, and publicly state this; so that the development of the region by multi national conglomerates can continue unabated. If the price is right!

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