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    Three Pendle sites linked by folklore


    Three Pendle sites linked by folklore Empty Three Pendle sites linked by folklore

    Post  Guest Tue Oct 20, 2009 1:18 am

    "... On Craggs Farm (now in ruin), near Sabden, on the sloping side of Pendle, is a mass of sandstone rocks that have fallen down from the scar above (Deerstones quarry). On one of these stones are two marks, side by side, about 2ft 6ins long and about 6ins wide (SD 786 393).

    They certainly resemble gigantic footmarks, and are said to be that of the Devil's. 'Old Scrat', however, when he alighted upon this stone, he must have crossed his legs, as the left footprint is on the right side. The outline of one foot is perfect, but the other is ill-formed, which is, however, easily explained, as it is well known the Devil has a club foot.

    The legend is that the Devil was one day coming with an apronful of stones for the purpose of knocking down Clitheroe Castle. He stepped from Hambeldon Hill to Craggs, where he left the footprints before refered to. His next step was to 'The Apronful' (SD 779 393). Here, being in view of the castle, he took one of the stones and threw it at the castle, but as he was in the act of throwing his 'brat string' broke, and all the stones he was carrying were tumbled on the ground. The stone which he threw fell short of the mark, and may still be seen lying on the ground just above Pendleton (SD 761 394), with some marks upon it, which said to be the print of his fingers."

    W Self Weeks, 1917. 'Some legendary stories and folklore of the Clitheroe district.'p.86. TLCAS 34.

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