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Archaeology, folklore & myth of Britain's pre-christian sites & heritage: stone circles, holy wells, maypoles, tombs, archaic cosmologies and human consciousness. Everyone welcome - even Southerners!

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    RA Damage


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    Post  PeteG Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:40 am


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    RA Damage Empty Re: RA Damage

    Post  Paulus Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:30 am

    Hi Pete -

    A group of us were on the moors yesterday and saw the damage at the Idol Stone, as in the photo. The damage there has been by charcoal by the look of it. There were small fire marks on the rock and it had all the hallmarks of recent solsticial activity. We ended up a coupla miles west at the Badger Stone later in the day and it was almost covered in the black markings - it looked shit and had the hallmarks of recent solstice activity again.

    This sorta stuff's been happening on the moors since I was a kid. I remember telling our old friend Gavin Edwards about this 30 years ago when - quote - "I wouldn't concern yourself with them", he said. Now they've got a bit of a slightly more enlightened view of the stones thankfully, but unless they engage more successfully with the middle-class new-agers who are primarily responsible for these and other damages, they're gonna get nowhere. Some fuckwits in Ilkley aren't helping by making the carvings more 'accessible' by building stone pathways across our moors, enabling people easier access to the sites, which (as all of us with common sense know) is gonna bring even more damage to the sites up there. But do these idiots listen? Like fuck they do! They know best, always - and then they'll moan about the consequences they've been partly responsible for creating. It's only gonna get worse Pete... bad

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    Post  QDanT Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:38 am

    to editor :-<>;
    Hello thanks for your time How do I contact Jonathan Redhead re :-
    Archaeologists warn ‘thoughtless’ attacks could destroy moorland relics
    8:17am Thursday 14th July 2011
    As are a waste of time
    see and there reply,
    I’ve no connection with TNA other than as forum member who posts
    and several JCB’s seem worse than a wax crayon, even if they are money sanctioned !
    To be honest I don’t expect a reply but one lives in hope
    yours Danny Tierney

    But then again it's all Bollocks so who gives a shit !

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