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    Genetically Modified Foods


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    Genetically Modified Foods Empty Genetically Modified Foods

    Post  mikki Thu May 19, 2011 2:30 pm

    I want to start a thread on here to see how many people on this site actually buy just organic food or who aren't bothered about what they eat.

    The trouble with GM is that this abnormal food doesn't have to be labelled. So how do we know what these products are doing to our bodies?

    The government say that these are safe? This report says not

    After spending weeks trawling through the supermarkets looking to see and asking managements if their own brands contain GM ingredients, Me and Paulus have decided to compile a list of the supermarkets that claim to be GM free or not. This may take some time but will be a handy list for those that want to eat normal foods.

    Anyway for a start -
    A phone call from TESCO Headquarters yesterday (18th May 2011) we were told that their own brand of TESCO VALUE products don't contain GM products. They can not confirm where any other brands are or not.

    ABEL and COLE are a fantasic company for organic foods (and they deliver for 99p). I highly recommend this company.

    If anybody else wants to add any organic companies, please, feel free.

    Mikki xx

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    Genetically Modified Foods Empty Re: Genetically Modified Foods

    Post  iancarr Fri May 20, 2011 8:22 am

    GM foods are very disturbing and must be discouraged until long term independent tests show their effects. I for one do not want them near me or my family. 'Walkers Crisps' are genetically modified, but the company doesn't tell this to its consumers.

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    Genetically Modified Foods Empty Re: Genetically Modified Foods

    Post  Paulus Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:09 am

    If you aint seen this about GM-foods, check it out:

    The quality of the video aint too good, but it's well worth watching - unless 'MacDonalds' is your idea of healthy eating...

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    Genetically Modified Foods Empty Re: Genetically Modified Foods

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