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    Almias - Rural Psychogeography



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    Almias - Rural Psychogeography

    Post  treb0r on Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:25 am

    Hi Peeps,

    I stumbled across this website:

    Where one can download a PDF and some music.

    The PDF is very well put together, and is concerned with rural psychogeography in general and Almscliffe Crag in particular.

    I enjoyed reading it, and I thought people on here might enjoy it too.

    Apologies if this has been noted previously!



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    Re: Almias - Rural Psychogeography

    Post  Sunbright57 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:10 am

    Thanks Rob for the link, some beautiful photos on there. Very interesting. Very Happy

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