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    Witch Stones, Dobbie Stones



    Witch Stones, Dobbie Stones

    Post  Guest on Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:44 pm


    The most notable Witch Stone that I know of is that built into the fabric of the church tower at Newchurch, known locally as ‘The Eye of God’.

    Throughout History, many cultures have believed that stones that have holes carved completely through them by the power of nature held healing and mystical properties. They are considered to carry the wisdom of ages, and are thought to offer protection if worn or carried.

    Large holey stones, called men-an-tols, were used in ancient ceremonies. Representing the doorway between the physical and spiritual world, they were often placed at the entrance to tombs and cairns. In some cultures, the belief was held that they also represented rebirth and transition.

    Ancient Celtic peoples would hold marriage ceremonies where the new couple would join hands through the stone to symbolize and bless the union. Another example claimed that if after a year of marriage no child had been gotten, the couple could choose to return to the stone and renounce their union.

    Healing was another power attributed to holes in large stones and rocks, and sick children would be passed through the stone three times to cure the illness. Adults could crawl through the stone nine times as a curative. In the absence of large stones, small holed stones would be rubbed on the afflicted body area.

    The most powerful attribute of a holey stone is its protective power. Worn or carried, it would ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm. Dobbie stones were hung from bedposts to prevent nightmares. If a stone was broke, it was thought to have used its power to protect a life.

    These powerful stones are also reputed to bestow the gift of psychic sight upon anyone looking through the stone. It is held that if one looks through the stone during the light of the full moon, the realm of faerie can be seen, along with ghosts, visions, and the “other world”.

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    stones with holes

    Post  cropredy on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:36 am

    most stones, but in particuler some very specific stones have very disernable field patterns that are created by the stones crystaline structure.
    If you therefore disrupt this field pattern by cutting a hole into the stone You then create a local vortex point in the field pattern created by the stone.

    If You then carefully postion that stone on a naturally occuring vortex point in the field detectable about the earth, You will locally again alter the resultant field there.
    We haqve unique field patterns about ourselves, and alll fields interact with all other fields,if You therefore position Yourself in a precise location of the afor said altered universal field about this planet you will be subject4ed to an alteration about yourself of the geometry of the field flows there.

    The field patterns are detectable, and the resultant flow patterns are equally detectable, but it needs the observer to utilise the senses they have, otherwise they will be basically blind to what is occuring.


    Re: Witch Stones, Dobbie Stones

    Post  Guest on Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:39 pm

    Kevin "in order to be IRREPLACCABLE one must always be DIFFERENT"

    - Coco Chanel (not Coco the Clown)

    Your at the top of the list Kevin - congratualtions


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    Re: Witch Stones, Dobbie Stones

    Post  cropredy on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:51 am

    I am not trying to be different, I am remembering, and I consider that the information is there if You atune to it.
    just as when you need to atune a radio to pick up the desired broadcast.
    We have forgotten how to atune.
    I assure You that what i write i truly believe and do detect as i write.
    i am a poor writer, I haven't the knowledge of words, which is frustrating as hell.
    I have been to men an toll in Cornwall, and checked the site out in my own way, I found a detectable circle of stones out in the heather about it, I was disrupted by a whole herd of Yanks descending upon it, and We left, if I had the time I should be drawing what I detect.
    The whole system is alive and cyclic, there are complete reversals of flows and of subsequent consequences, therefore I check and re-check every site I visit afresh and note the variances, it is simple , even though it is super complex, the main players in the alterations are the sun and moon, and the flows I detect thus resemble tidal variations, with rise and fall and reversals of directions.
    If You think in those terms , then a holed stone placed in the correct position can be better comprehended as to the cause and effect it will have.

    Everything in creation has a similer field about them, it has polarity and north and south hemispheres, I have thought my way down into the smallest, it is just a case of been able to think of it's unique patterning.
    That field is supplied in scale down from larger fields, the universe supplies the galaxies, the galaxies the stars, the stars their planets, the planet , YOU.

    Therefore where You subject yourself to these flows, and remember there is duality will result in YOUR ability to TRIP about in a multi dimensional sea that is universal.
    ALL the megaliths in a variety of manners are to manipulate locally this duality of flows.


    Re: Witch Stones, Dobbie Stones

    Post  Guest on Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:38 pm

    Now you have got it Kevin


    Ervin Laszlo & John Dixon wrote the definitive book on the subject - see NEW BOOKS for 2011

    'A step outward yet inward to all'


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    Re: Witch Stones, Dobbie Stones

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