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    Thornborough settlement.


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    Thornborough settlement. Empty Thornborough settlement.

    Post  deadagaindave on Mon May 02, 2011 3:44 am

    Some of the Northern Antiquarian Field Team … NAFT … visited Thornborough henges yesterday. We were unable to travel down the main causeway to the southern henge, because of beasts in calf in the field, so we traversed through a bridleway, adjacent and to the west of the causeway. I spotted a feature which looked like a dried stream bed, having some earthworks alongside it. I was reminded of a similar structure at an iron age settlement near Coal Pit lane, Gisburn, that Paul Hornby, lowergate, and myself, visited last year. Upon investigation, I discovered what looks like a piece of earthenware, and a stone hand tool at the site. In our opinion the site looks very much like a settlement area that may contain many more artefacts. I removed the aforementioned two pieces, and will return them to the exact places on site, after further analysis.
    My current understanding is that the whole area around the henges will be shortly subjected to quarrying and landfill, leaving only an ‘island’ upon which the henges themselves will remain intact.
    It also seems that this calumny has the approval of the pocket stuffing political land sharks, and the slobbering nod of the sick joke misnomer, that is English Heritage. Along with the approval of some so called professional, archaeologist jobsworths, who claim that the nearest antiquarian settlements to the henges are to be found some five miles from the monuments?
    Yeah sure! Like the henge builders would not have had numerous close to site settlements at the time of construction? Preferring to march five miles every day to do the work. I know they weren’t big on literature, but the architects of such a well planned monument can’t have been that dumb.
    So I would appreciate any further information on the intended despoilment of the area, which must certainly put to the claw of the mechanical digger, a number of settlements and other sites associated with the henge building. But I doubt that the ravenous gods of the greed driven will be now be halted in their mindless vandalous course. May Cthulu of the pit ravage their innards and Yog Soggoth swallow their souls.
    P.S. I don’t actually believe in souls as such; but that Mem Sahib, is another story. Cool
    Joy and Blessings

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    Thornborough settlement. Empty Re: Thornborough settlement.

    Post  iancarr on Fri May 06, 2011 4:40 am

    deadagaindave wrote:My current understanding is that the whole area around the henges will be shortly subjected to quarrying and landfill, leaving only an ‘island’ upon which the henges themselves will remain intact.

    This would be dreadful. If this happens, English Heritage as an organization can be henceforth discredited; as they take back-handers from corporate business and embroil themselves in the deviant workings of politicians more than proactively engaging in the welfare of ancient sites, as they allege. EH have a greater interest in finance than archaeological sites. We can see this in relation to the Thornborough henge complex. One wonders what, if anything, a gentleman who once worked for the local council, George Chaplin, could tell us of the apparent fate soon to befall Thornborough's henges. Mr Chaplin was involved with a now discredited group called Heritage Action who focused on the protection of these Yorkshire sites. Does Mr Chaplin still have a proactive role in the preservation of these sites?

    Yours - Ian

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