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    Circles of stone monoliths



    Circles of stone monoliths

    Post  Guest on Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:44 pm

    A little something that my way cometh

    “A circle of stone monoliths is a template for healing body mind and spirit.

    The space within the circle is the template, or one could ‘temple’ in the centre of which is a point that is a tabernacle, being a point of sanctuary, ‘sacred space’, being the innermost/holiest part of the temple. A point where ‘healing’ takes place using the earthly body as a conduit to draw cosmic energy via ones life essence to Mother Earth. This is what the Sufi mystics call ‘Baraka’. What follows is the method of opening-“

    WHIRLING WITHIN THE STONES (my title – lowergate)

    Enter the circle
    Look at each stone in turn
    Approach the most easterly stone
    Touch that stone with both your hands
    In a clockwise direction
    Touch each stone in turn
    Now take a position in the centre of the circle
    Facing the eastern stone
    Focus on that stone and start to turn
    In an anticlockwise direction
    Focusing on each stone in turn
    From turning to whirling
    Soon a state of ecstasy occurs
    You are touched by bliss

    This was imparted to me by a somewhat strange woman I met today in Wiswell.

    Happy waywarding


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