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    New Settlement / Enclosure found at Dumpit Hill, Hebden


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    New Settlement / Enclosure found at Dumpit Hill, Hebden

    Post  Paulus on Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:36 am

    Just a quickie to report on some new finds we made t'other day when - in the company of such erratics as Dave, Mikki & PaulH - Mikki brought attention to an extensive length of walling near the Dumpit Hill A stone circle. The heather had been burnt back & this allowed us a damn good view of some decent prehistoric-looking remains. Here's a couple of images of the place:

    Sadly she was a bit cloudy and - stupidly! - I'd not set my camera properly to enable better images. Here's another:

    I'll do a brief write-up of the place in the coming weeks, though it'd be good to have another look at the place first.

    ttfn - Paul study

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